Subterranea Britannica Events

14 April 2015SB visit to RAF Upper Heyford
Members-only site visit, pre-booking required via mySUBBRIT
18 April 2015SB Spring Meeting, London
Member registration via mySUBBRIT, non-members should register here.
15-18 May 2015SB European Study Weekend, Hamburg
Members-only study weekend, pre-booking required via mySUBBRIT
04 June 2015Paddock Standby Cabinet War Room Open Day.
This event is run by Sub Brit in association with Network Stadium. Booking information is available at their website.
27 June 2015Hack Green Open Day
Pre-booking required using this form.
27 June 2015SB Committee Meeting
18-19 July 2015Cuckfield ROC Post open for CBA Festival of Archaeology
04-07 September 2015 (TBC)SB UK Study Weekend
10 October 2015SB Autumn Meeting, London
17 October 2015SB Committee Meeting
16 January 2016SB Committee Meeting
23 April 2016SB Spring Meeting, London

Other Underground Related Events

25 April 2015SERIAC 2015: South East Region Industrial Archeology Conference, Winchester
09 May 2015Reigate Caves Public Open Day
22-25 May 2015NAMHO Conference, Nenthead
13 June 2015Reigate Caves Public Open Day
27 June 2015Cold War Friends Day at Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker
11 July 2015Reigate Caves Public Open Day
11-26 July 2015CBA Festival of Archaeology
08 August 2015Reigate Caves Public Open Day
10-13 September 2015Heritage Open Days, England
12 September 2015Reigate Caves Public Open Day
12-13 September 2015European Heritage Open Days, Northern Ireland
19-20 September 2015Open House London
25-27 September 2015Hidden Earth 2015: the UK's annual caving conference
September 2015 (TBC)Doors Open Days, Scotland
September 2015 (TBC)Open Doors, Wales

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