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Gallery 1 - 1828 to 1957

[Source: Paul Wright]

A view showing the construction of the Wapping tunnel in 1828.

The Wapping tunnel as it was in 1831. A loaded goods train is seen en route to wapping Goods being worked by gravity. The illustration gives a good indication of what the tunnel was like at that time although the tracks appear to be 12ft gauge when in fact they were 4ft 8 1/2 inches.
Illustration by Thomas Berry

A view of the eastern end of the Wapping tunnel in 1831.
Illustration by Thomas Berry

Looking west through the Moorish Arch that was the major feature of the Chatsworth Street cutting towards wapping tunnel in the 1830s.

The eastern portal of the Wapping tunnel seen in the 1957.

Gallery 2 - 1974 to 2011

Gallery 3 - 2012

Gallery 4 - 2014

Gallery 5 - The Ventilation Shafts

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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