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SiteName: Sheppey - Harty Ferry Air Raid Shelter

Harty Ferry Road
Harty Ferry
Isle of Sheppey
OS Grid Ref: TR01446590

Sub Brit site visit June 1996

[Source: Nick Catford]

A small air raid shelter is built into the bank on a field boundary on the west side of the former road to the Harty Ferry, just south of the Ferry Inn. The ferry which linked the Isle of Sheppey to the mainland north of Faversham ceased in 1946.

Photo:Entrance to the shelter
Photo by Nick Catford

The shelter consists of a single room with a blast protected entrance. In one corner of the room there is a square escape shaft in the roof above with iron bars across the corner acting as a ladder. Adjacent to the entrance passage there is a single toilet cubicle.

The shelter is open and easily visible from the road.

[Source: Nick Catford]

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