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Site Name: Schönfeld Stasi Bunker

East Germany

Sub Brit site visit 25th September 2003

[Source: Nick Catford]

The Stasi bunker for the Berlin District is located 15 kilometers north east of Berlin on the road between Schönfeld and Weesow. The bunker is in a wooded estate now used as a camp for asylum seekers and patrolled by security guards.

The main entrance to the bunker is in a nondescript single storey building to the rear of the site and consists of two stairways either end of a 50 metre long entrance tunnel. Each of the stairways has a steel cover mounted on rails; this can be rolled over the top of the stairs to prevent access.

Photo:The main entrance to the bunker
Photo by Nick Catford

There are two steel blast doors either end of the entrance tunnel, each leading in to one half of the bunker. Excluding the generator rooms and the water plant, the two halves of the bunker are a mirror image of each other in layout.

The bunker has been largely stripped of all its equipment, some of which can be found in the surface building. Much of the plant, however, remains in place. There are two generator rooms, one with three generators and one with two. The generators appear in fair condition as do the control cabinets in adjoining rooms.

Photo:Plan of a typical Stasi bunker
Photo by Nick Catford

On either side of the bunker the two sets of identical ventilation plant are also intact. There are filter drums in three rooms, four in one room and one each in two small rooms; each room is separated by a gas tight door. The fan, electric motor, compressed air tanks and three more filter drums are located in a fourth room where there is also a bicycle frame mounted in concrete. This can be used to power the ventilation system in the event of a power failure.

Most of the long narrow rooms on either side of the two spine corridors are empty apart from small free standing ventilation units strewn around the bunker. At the end of one of the rooms the main distribution frame for the telephone system is still in place.

Photo:'Bicycle' used for powering the ventilation plant
Photo by Nick Catford

The bunker is largely dry although there is some standing water in one of the generator rooms and in the ventilation plant rooms on one side.

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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