Royal Observer Corps
Record added 1/5/2001
OS Grid Reference TQ089749
County London & Middlesex
Date opened July 1966
Date closed October 1968
Location 10 yards inside the Southern perimeter fence of Heathrow Airport North of the Southern perimeter road and 50 yards East of a crash gate at the end of a noise wall.
Description OPEN After closure the post was leased to the Metropolitan Police and it was refurbished by them in about 1995 although it now appears to be unused. All surface features remain intact and in good condition with the ventilation louvres retaining some green paint. The hatch is open. A second locking handle, the same as on the underside of the hatch, has been welded onto the top with a hole in one end in which to insert a padlock. Power has been installed in the post and there is a light switch at the top of the ladder, which still turns the lights on. At the bottom of the ladder is a second light switch plus a fuse box and electrical switching b ox. Two fluorescent lights have been installed in the monitoring room. The post is clean and dry with white painted walls. The cupboard, shelf, table, battery connection leads and GPO wiring and junction boxes remain in place. One of the junction boxes is labeled WB1400. As the post is 'airside' there is no public access at any time except by special arrangement with BAA although the post is visible from the Southern Perimeter Road. Prior to enquiries being made for this survey, BAA were not aware that they had an ROC Post and during the post inspection we were joined by a team from health and safety and a team of surveyors who surveyed the post for inclusion on future site maps. Health and Safety were not happy about an internal inspection as they considered it a potentially hazardous confined space and it is unlikely any future internal inspections would be allowed.
Date of Visit 21.12.1999
Future Actions

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